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Keynote Speech 

& Workshop

keynote speech


60 mins speech (German, French or English)

Goals: empowering future leaders, team building, potential detection

This keynote speech gives a deep wake up call to everybody who wants to keep the lead of his / her life, the lead of a company, the leading example for others -  whilst industry 4.0 and unpredictable challenges in the world is rolling towards us with its growing complexity and accelerated speed on all levels.

The audience will realize how much we all are used to live in the "other-directed mode" of fulfilling roles for others stages. But what about our own main stage? Tara will make very clear: We now have the choice: using the system or being used by it. Without self determination, we won´t be fit for a new era of technology. 

wisdom is the new Knowledge.

Not accessing our wisdom, means not accessing our full potential. The Here and Now is not just a nice esoteric theory, but an inevitable practice for the future that we need to start now.

Tara gives her full heart and wisdom, cross linked with the sharpness of her mind and a good portion of motivating charisma into your event - she lives what she says and practices what she teaches.


Dieser Vortrag macht buchstäblich bewusst, dass wir nur höchstens 4% unserer gesamten Hirnkapazität nutzen. Unser Potenzial ist nicht voll erschöpft, aber wir sind erschöpft. Warum? Weil mit den immer intensiver werdenden Anforderungen, der Angebotsflut und der Überforderung an emotionalen oder sinnlichen Reizen der Ära 4.0, alles - nur eines nicht gelehrt wird: Bewusstseinsentwicklung.

Das Hier und Jetzt ist keine schöne Theorie, sondern zukünftig eine lebensnotwendige Praxis, mit der wir heute am besten beginnen sollten. Die Praxis wird Ihnen und Ihren Kunden in diesem Vortrag vorgestellt. 

Wir alle wollen eins: glücklich sein. Glück bedeutet: unser Potenzial leben.

Tara Linke bringt Sie mit Charme und Charisma, sowie einem starken "Wake Up!"Impuls in Ihre Umsetzungsbereitschaft.

KEynote workshop


2 days group workshop for closed groups 


- increases your vision and far-sightedness

- strengthens emotional intelligence, intuition and self-efficacy

- builds a new company culture of authenticity, team spirit and efficiency

- inspires with powerful impulses, experience-based practices and sustained growth

- increases personality development, self determination, assertiveness, presence and charisma

After the wake up call keynote speech, we shall get into action:

This workshop is about real transformation, and you will be empowered to  reset your inner program through your own experience using your mental, emotional and physical system.

Western education is mostly based on theory. Yet we are pretty poor when it comes to practiceWISDOM LEADS Workshop is a unique experience based training which will build up and root your different awareness areas and get an insight into your different awareness levels.

Why is Wisdom Leads so efficient?

Instead of paying a lot of money for merely mental concepts and conceptual information , this training is experience based and therefore you will use your whole system: mental, emotional, physical.

It is proofed that we use only 4% of our brain capacity consciously. Through Wisdom Leads you will access a hidden part of your unused 96% brain capacity.

Life requires commitment and the right attitude. So does Tara. 

She avoids stereotype games. Her work is about the truth of individuals. She addresses the Higher Self of each participant. 

Team members will experience truly new aspects of themselves but also of a collective culture

Input and experience will both be challenging and potential and intuition revealing yet also a unique help for clearer decisions through growing wisdom.

What is wisdom? 

Wisdom is the integral answer to a complex world. Wisdom is merely used in the spiritual context, but why leaving 96% of our brain capacity unused?


What are the steps to develop wisdom?

1. Wake up.

    Discovering your different forms of awareness and making sense.

2. Grow up.

   Train your awareness, grow your mind.

3. CLEAN up.

   Clean up your sub conscience & conscience from blockages.

4. show up.

   Determine your potential, set focus, integrate willpower and mind mastery in daily life.

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