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Punta N.



Luxury Villa in the heart of Mallorca Nature

This exclusive residency is located in the heart of the island. Surrounded by Garden Eden, this retreat center is the best place to re-set, relax and re-program.

9 twin rooms and a big seminar space, a pool, BBQ and a chimney inside for winter times (as well as floor heating) will get everyone into a different state after only one day.

We cooperate with an exclusive Ayurvedic chef who offers healthy cuisine with plenty of very tasty varieties and self made bread, juices, smoothies and with the eggs of our own chicken.




Spa & Beach

This 4* partner hotel offers In the southwest of the island, only 10 mins drive from Palma, you will enjoy one of Mallorcas best spots, rising above the ocean!

Almost every room has sea view, some are in individual bungalows under pine trees.

The hotel has 2 small private beaches with turquoise water, pool and a lot of cultivated nature around.

Spots for Yoga and Meditation as well as an Ayurvedic Spa are part of our cooperating partner hotel****.



simplicity on a hill

A very special place for retreats is this monastery that we reach by walking up the mountain.

360° view, in the midst of nature, you will enjoy a silent retreat in this family managed sanctuary. The 700 year old chapel belonging to this former nuns convent is still active, as this is a pilgrims place for local villagers below.

700 years ago women saw a light on this mountain which became a appearance of the Holy Mother to them. Hence they bunt this chapel.

Serenity, simplicity, silence.

These ancient walls are the best companion for your inner silence, which will eventually give birth to growth.

30mins from Palma/Airport, a shuttle will take the meditators to the foot of the mountain. From there, it is a 20 mins walk up.

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