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get the mind to be your servant

Mind Mastery & Focus Classes



Tog Chöd

The High Buddhist Master Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche from Tibet developed this powerful physical meditation technique.

With the WISDOM SWORD the practitioner cuts off the constant stream of thoughts, attachment and anger are to be transformed into wisdom and compassion.

At the same time the training will push you your body and your willpower to a powerful level. 

Tara is a certified Trainer of Tog Chöd.



Lu Jong



A balanced and blissful body that feels ready and open, yet resistant to diseases: Lu Jong is a 8.000 year old practice from Tibet. The tibetan heALING YOGA works directly with emotions, elements and organs.

Tara teaches this efficient practice in the lineage of the High Buddhist Master Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche from Tibet.


Tara is a certified Trainer of Lu Jong.




Time for you to turn in and get focussed. One out of these different Buddhist Meditation practices will be offered during this precious time:

Zen Meditation from Japanese Soto Zen Lineage is Tara´s Buddhistic root. She´d spent 2 years in Zen monasteries founded or inspired by Master Deshimaru.

Zazen is a very clear and simple meditation concentrating on the form.

40 mins sitting. 10 mins walking. 40 mins sitting.

VIPASSANA Meditation from Thai Theravada Buddhism is a mindfulness meditation that is very powerful for Westerners. The mind is being "useful" for constant awareness.

45 mins walking. 45 mins sitting.

"Just relax" is a very simple form of Mindfulness Meditation of Tibetan Tantrayana Buddhism. The complexity of it will be clear through visualizations.

45 mins sitting. Pause. 45 mins sitting.

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