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Tara is an international actress for Film, TV and Theatre. 

She studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, New York and is still cooperating with Susan Batson, the legendary Hollywood coach.

Also in the business world, Tara had gathered an immense variety of experience - such as of leader for a personal monumental project of the king of Saudi Arabia, or as the head of international art & business events and she´d worked with culture ministers and celebrities. As a film producer, casting director and head of administration of estates, Tara became aware about how much responsibility people gave her and her motivational and potential reveiling skills.

Since 2011 Tara trains Managers, CEO´s, motivational speakers and politicians in whole Europe. She cooperated with the Susan Batson Studio and the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute New York and became personal advisor of many of her clients.

Studies of Systemic Counseling (ISB Wiesloch), of Ken Wilbers Integral Approach and of Buddhist Psychology (Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche) enriched Tara with an integral understanding for individuals and systems. Due to these different skills, she developed her Method  Integral Awareness Transformation.


In her mid twenties she took a 2 year retreat in a Zen monastery, followed by many years of far east meditation, visualization, concentration and physical practices.

She is known for her own sparkling presence and for her rare talent to reveal the potential and the truth in her coachees in order to start an authentic, powerful life full with presence, pleasure, magnetism and growing awareness. 




Susan coaches Nicole Kidman, Juliette Binoche and many other stars on big film sets and had published TRUTH, her bestseller book about the work of the actor. Tara receives private Coachings of Susan in New York to prepare for her roles and trains in the Susan Batson Studio each time she is in NYC.


Tulku Lobsang rinpoche

The high Tibetan Master of several Buddhist Practices and Psychology tours worldwide with high practices workshops and publishes a book per year. Tulku Lobsang is a close and dear Teacher of Tara. She attains several trainings per year.


Tulku Lobsang rinpoche



Minako is a Japanese dancer and choreographer of contemporary dance. She had a major influence on the European Butoh dance.

Minako is a dear teacher and friend of Tara.


Robert Castle

Robert Castle and his wife Alejandra Orozco are the founders of ITNY- International Theatre New York and lifted THE METHOD ACTING to another, newer level. ITNY offers worldwide workshops and lay a unique sense of responsibility of the content as well as for plot and understanding into the creative process of the actor. Tara is member of the Virtuosi Masterclass and calls Robert her Master since 2005.


His holiness 
Kyapgon Ngawang Tenzin Rinpoche

Tara plans to do a retreat with this highly accomplished Master in Buthan.


life Mentors

My Parents and my life partner

Buenaventura Becana (Zen Master)

Michael Knapp (Speech Master)

Ken Wilber (Philosopher)

An Dorthe Braker (Casting Director)

Elisabeth Hahn (Antroposopher) 

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