December 11, 2016

October 30, 2016

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8.-10. December 2017

How to seduce your audience to a wonderful uplifting feeling? How to spread the sparkle?

How to deal with stage fright and self awareness on stage?

Get powerful tools of a professional stage actress.

Body language and Psychological Gestures will be ana...

​With every person, a genius is born. Yet, during the time of growth and misleading though education and society systems, this genius is being covered with layers of roles that we mostly play in other people´s lives.

What is your innermost calling, your vision that thri...

The High Buddhist Master Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche from Tibet developed this powerful physical meditation technique.

With the WISDOM SWORD the practitioner cuts off the constant stream of thoughts, attachment and anger are to be transformed into wisdom and compassion.

At th...


We had to move: all for the best, because it was right next door. Please find us in the welcoming Studio of ZEN TIME PALMA, the New Center of Presence, where Performance, Art and Presence reside.


Tara is now Member Trainer of the ZENTRUM FÜR LEISTUNGSMANAGEMENT in Germanys oldest Castle in Hopferau, Allgäu.

She offers the program MINDFUL LEADING, wich consists of her powerful tools.


Welcome to my new Site. I apologize it took so long. I was busy with acting preparations coached by Susan Batson and Film shootings in New York, Boston and Munich. Also a 5 day seminar in the oldest castle of Germany in gorgeous Allgäu mountains was part of my 3 months...


Gabriel Schandl and his internationally growing Salzburger Trainer Forum invited Tara to share her Presence Training secrets the professional Trainers attending the event. Tara flew in from New York for that afternoon.


Tara has put all thoughts into this decision: The New Center of Presence will be in Mallorca, in the historic center of Palma. Great opening offers are on! 50% discount for the spring months!

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